Icche Ghuri

Artist: শিরোনামহীন [Shironamhin]
Type: Album
Released: 1 May 2006
Language: Bengali


1. Borosha

2. Pakhi

3. Cafeteria

4. Swadesh

5. Voboghure Jhor

6. Ruposhi Nogor

7. Nishongo

8. Onno Keu

9. Onek Asha Niye

10. Icche Ghuri

11. Ditiyo Jibon


Ichchhe Ghuri, was 2nd album by Shironamhin released by the record label co. G-Series on 1 May 2006. Compared to its previous album, it contains some experimental sounds. The theme of this album was on ‘urban crisis.’ The album contained the bands signature sound along with their deep lyrical messages in their songs. It included hits such as “Pakhi” and “Cafeteria.”