Artist: শিরোনামহীন [Shironamhin]
Type: Album
Released: 1 November 2004
Language: Bengali


1. Nodi

2. Hashimukh

3. Suvro Rangin

4. Sohorer Kotha

5. Jahaji

6. Shunno

7. Lal Neel Golpo

8. Nishcup Adhar

9. Hoyna

10. Ghum

11. Obak Vromon


জাহাজী (Navigator) is the debut studio album by Bangladeshi rock band Shironamhin. The album was recorded in Rabbit Communications Studio between 15 and 30 December 2003. It was released on 1 November 2004 by Rabbit Communications in Dhaka.

Two of the album’s songs, “হাসিমুখ (Smile Face)” and “লাল নীল গল্প (Red Blue Story)”, became long-term mainstays of the band’s live set list, while other songs were performed live only a handful of times

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