Kazy Ahmad Shafin

Composer, Drums, Sarod, Flute, violin, Backing vocals (2003 – present)

He was born on August 03,1987 in Dhaka and grew up in Mirpur Area in Dhaka. He had a keen interest in music since childhood. He grew up listening to Bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Iron maiden, Sepultura, Dream theater etc. Music from Beethoven,Mozart, Yanni, A.R. Rahman have a lot of influence on his musical life too. Bangladeshi bands like Miles, Warfaze, Ark, Nagar Baul, Feedback were also his early influences.

At the age of 15 he started learning drums by himself and joined Shironamhin at the age of 16. He was the youngest member of the band at That time. Though Shironamhin founded in 1996, but they began work on their 1st album in 2003. Shironamhin needed a drummer to work on the new album. Shironamhin’s founding member Ziaur Rahman offered Shafin to join Shironamhin. Being neighbors, they knew each other. Shafin accepts the offer and started working with Shironamhin. In the beginning, he only played the drums part but later he started composing songs for Shironamhin and started to learn and play multiple instruments like Guitar, Sarod And different types of Flutes.

His first composed Song was “train” and second composed song was “Bangladesh”. He was also the joint lyricist in that song Bangladesh with Ziaur Rahman in “Bondho janala” Album. Some more of his popular compositions in Shironamhin are Chithi pouche jabe, Poddo patar jol, Shon shon jodio kashbon, Pori, Bohemian, Barud shomudro, Kashfuler shohor dekha, Priyotoma, Keno, Ei obelay and Ei obelay 2.

He was also the lyricist in the song “poddo patar jol” which was

a movie title track directed by Tonmoy Tansen.

He has also played acoustic guitar on some songs like Bangladesh, poddo patar jol, Chithi pouche jabe and Ei obelay.

In the list of his favorite drummers Lars ulrich, Gavin harrison, Mike protnoy, Daniel Erlandsson, Igor cavalera will be in the first place.

Outside of music, he likes to play cricket and travel.

His plan for music is to create many beautiful songs and live after death by making music.