sheikh ishtiaque

Sheikh Ishtiaque’s musical journey began in his childhood, marked by performances in various cultural programs at school. This early exposure to music led to a notable performance at the age of 10 on Bangladesh Television. However, following this initial success, there was a period of detachment from music.
It wasn’t until his college days that Ishtiaque rediscovered his passion for music, inspired by folk music. This inspiration led to the dream of forming a Folk Fusion band and a growing interest in 70’s and 80’s rock bands, influencing a shift in his musical tastes towards rock.
In 2012, Ishtiaque took a significant step by joining the band “Protiddhoni” as a bassist and back vocalist. This period was enriched with learning guitar, participating in memorable shows, and creating unforgettable experiences. However, the eventual departure of several members led to the disbanding of “Protiddhoni.”
After leaving “Protiddhoni,” Sheikh Ishtiaque found support and inspiration from university friends and mentor Nazim Uddin Zahid. In 2013, he began a new chapter with the band “Cry My Name,” enhancing his skills through performances in Port City Chittagong and collaborations with experienced musicians.
2015 marked a pivotal moment in Ishtiaque’s career when he collaborated with the legendary BassBaba Sumon on the folk cover “Khachar Bhitor Ochin Pakhi,” a significant achievement in his musical journey.
Joining “Aconite” opened new doors for Ishtiaque, allowing him to work with
remarkable artists and composers. His dream of launching a personal album with “Aconite” became a significant aspiration.
In 2016, Ishtiaque’s dream came full circle when he was invited by his childhood hero, BassBaba Sumon from “Aurthohin,” to collaborate on a single for their 7th album “Cancer er Nishikabbo.” The song “Audbhut Shei Chele” marked this collaboration, alongside guest performances with “Aurthohin.”
In 2017, Sheikh Ishtiaque joined the legendary band “Shironamhin” as a vocalist. 

With them, he completed three albums: “Perfume,” “The Only Headliner,” and “Batighor.” Sheikh Ishtiaque’s musical excellence has been recognized with several prestigious awards. In 2019 and 2020, he received the Oikko-Channel I Music Award for Best Band, solidifying his status in the music scene. Showcasing his technical expertise. Internationally, he was honored with The Akademia Music Award of Excellence in the
USA for Best Rock Song in 2018 for “Barud Shamudra.” These accolades highlightIshtiaque’s talent and global appeal in the music industry. Sheikh Ishtiaque’s journey from a child performer to a prominent figure in the music scene is a testament to his dedication, talent, and the transformative nature of music. His story is one of passion, evolution, and resilience, making him a significant figure in the world of music.