Artist: শিরোনামহীন [Shironamhin]
Type: Album
Released: 1 May 2006
Language: Bengali


1. Abar Hashimukh

2. Bristikabbyo

3. Kichu Kotha

4. Pori

5. Rod Canvas

6. Shonshon, Jodio Kashbon

7. Ahoto Kichu Golpo

8. Michil

9. Chithi

10. Aatotayee


Shironamhin tried to compile confession, demand, rage, hope & anticipation in their self-titled album to invite a new light through old windows. From lyrical point of view, this album is more specific on topic, searching the positive sides of a negative living. Musically Shironamhin tried western classic orchestration based on violin, cello, contrabass section fused with rock guitar, bass & drums accompaniment. Shironamhin recalls all the members & persons who worked for Shironamhin once and forever, expressed their gratitude to those who carried shironamhin this long & dedicated their songs to the listeners whom shironamhin is comfortable to call friends. Shironamhin will remain untitled as always.