Symon Chowdhury

Maidul Islam Symon started his musical journey when he was young, getting involved in creative activities since childhood, like participating in various cultural programs at school in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

In 2013, Symon joined a heavy metal band called “Metrical” as a self-taught musician, keyboardist and composer. The band became well-known for Symon’s song “Firey Esho,” which mixed experimental rock with heavy metal, making the band stand out.

Symon’s music didn’t stop with his band. He also teamed up with the rock legends of Bangladesh, Ayub Bacchu and LRB, for many live concerts during 2016-17.

In 2018, Symon joined the band Shironamhin, showcasing his skills as a keyboardist & pianist. A big moment came in 2019 when Shironamhin released “Ei Obelai,” gaining recognition not just in Bangladesh but globally.

While being a part of Shironamhin, Maidul Islam Symon contributed to the release of two significant albums. The band’s 6th album, titled “Perfume” and the 7th album, “The Only Headliner with Symphony Orchestra (25th Anniversary Live),” marked a milestone in Shironamhin’s journey.

Symon’s early love for music was shaped by artists like Stratovarius and Yanni, where he learned to appreciate intricate compositions and the emotional impact of instrumental arrangements. Bands like Iron Maiden and Children Of Bodom gave him a deep understanding of the metal genre.

As Maidul Islam Symon continues to grow as a musician, his story is about exploring new things in music, facing challenges with determination, and always pushing himself to be a better musician.